Free Gift Card Codes?

google-play-amazon-itunes-codesAmazon, Google Play, iTunes store are one of the biggest in the world. Have you ever heard about gift cards for those shops? It’s a great way to get products using coupon/voucher or gift card code. Many people around the world use this secret to get discounts or premium products (applications, games, books, movies, songs, music) for free.

Let’s talk about these shops starting from Amazon. Amazon is the biggest online shop. Here you can buy a wide variety of things – physical products and e-products (movies, books, songs). This shop is famous for its credibility and good prices. Also, the shipping is very fast.

Google Play store ( – is most popular Google Android store. Many official apps (paid and free) for Android users, lot of movies and songs. Using gift card codes you can buy paid games and applications for free. So it’s a great way to get a lot of value.

iTunes – the official app store for iOS users. All official apps are uploaded here. You can find many great songs and movies here as well.

Using gift card code generator you get a possibility to get codes that can be used on Amazon, Google Play, iTunes stores. Using the tool is very easy: open the generator tool, fill the form, hit “Generate” and wait for the results. A tool will check for 15-20 seconds and then the code will be generated for you.

Google Play Gift Cards are three types: $10. $25, $50. You can choose the one you prefer. It depends on the product price you would like to spend on it.

Personally, I use $50 value codes, because you can use it later, so no reason to generate small sums.

Free Codes are easy to get and use. Trust me, you can use it and get an unlimited number of it. I hope this article was valuable for you and told you something interesting and with value.